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Trashiyangtse – The Natural, Historic and Cultural Hub of Bhutan

One of the newest and historically rich districts in Bhutan, Trashiyangtse is popular for its artistically carved wooden bowls and containers. The ethnically and culturally diverse district of the country, Trashiyangtse is best known for its lovely surrounding countryside. Presenting an interesting mixture of culture and nature, the district is a habitat for rare animal species. Trashiyangtse has everything that undoubtedly defines this place as one of the wonderful tourism destinations in Bhutan.

What Does Trashiyangtse Have for Visitors?


Trashiyangtse offer wonderful fusion of nature and beauty. Home to the two most prominent protected areas, Trashiyangtse offers splendid scenery and unadulterated tranquillity. Trashiyangtse homes Kulong Chu Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the part of the largest Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the habitat for the Tigers and Leopards, and a number of rare animal species like Red Pandas, Himalayan Black Bears, and Barking Deer. The sanctuary also protects about hundreds of Black Necked Cranes that migrate every winter to Trashiyangtse.


Trashiyangtse is rich in culture and that is displayed through its settlement and population. The culturally diverse district houses native dwellers,Bramis from Tawang, Kurtoeps from Lhuentse and Tshanglas. The vast cultural distinction resulted in the birth of an array of languages and cultural practices in the district. The rich cultural variation resulted in the celebration of grand festivals here.

Places of Interest in Trashiyangtse

The region boasts two popular places to visit within its boundary:

Chorten Kora:It is the biggest and oldest temple in Bhutan.

Trashiyangtse Dzong:  Also known as the Fortress of Auspicious Fortune, the place is located about half-hour walk from the region.

Places of Interest around Trashiyangtse

Trashiyangtse is surrounded by prominent tourist hotspots:

Bomdeling:Known as the resting place of the black-necked cranes, which comes from Tibet to enjoy the warm climate of the district.

Gom Kora:A temple located about 24 km. from Trashiganga; Goma Kora is famous for its scenic surrounding (especially rice fields) and known as the meditation spot of Guru Rimpoche.

Ranjung Woesel Chholing:An impressive monastery located about half an hour drive from Trashiganga town. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the valley from the monastery.

Festivals & Celebrations

Dakpa Kora and Drukpa Kora, together is famously known as theChorten Kora Festival.Dakpa Kora is held on the 15thday of the 3rd month corresponding to 28th February, and attracts hundreds of visitors every year.


The people ofTrashiyangtse specialize in woodworking and paper making. Therefore, delicately created wooden bowls and containers are best sold here. These are the best and inexpensive mementos of a visit to this wonderful place.

March to November is the ideal time to exploreTrashiyangtse. Come and experience the nature fusion in Trashiyangtse

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