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Paro Valley – The Definition of Unadulterated Beauty and Pride

Unfolding in the small yet beautiful town of Paro, the Paro Valley is unquestionably the pride of Bhutan. One of the renowned and gorgeous attractions of Paro, the Paro Valley boasts some spectacular rural scenery and impressive structures. Unparalleled in beauty and history, Paro Valley played a major role in the history of Bhutan. Housing the famous Taktsang Monastery at the height of 3000 ft. above the valley floor, Paro Valley is wide-eyed, verdant, and rich in appearance.

Cultural Highlights of Paro

A visit to the beautiful Paro Valley introduces tourists to a number of cultural festivals and events of Paro.

  • Paro has rich Buddhist culture. Paro Tshechu is the biggest festival of Paro.
  • The festival is usually held between February-March.
  • The four-day festival highlights different dance forms of Paro, which is a treat for visitors from different culture.
  • Shinje Yab Yum (dance of Lord of death), Durdag (dance of Lord of the Cremation Grounds), Zshana (dance of the Black Hats), Dramitse Nga Cham (dance of the Drums from Dramitse), and Degye (dance of eight kinds of spirits) are the different dance forms performed during the festival.
  • Chhoshey is the religious song of Bhutan that commemorates the opening of this festival.

Natural Side of Paro Valley

The eye-catching view of the valley pulls in several visitors to Paro Valley every year. Emerald mountains and pure tranquillity are the major highlights of the valley. Declared as the protected area by Bhutan government, Phobjika glacier in the Paro Valley underlines the unadulterated beauty of the valley.

Prominent Tourists Attractions around Paro Valley

  • Taktsang Monastery – Also known as Tiger’s Nest, Taktsang Monastery is famous as the meditation spot of Guru Rinpoche. The monastery is termed to be the most sacred spot and one of the Bhutan’s renowned monasteries.
  • Druguel Dzong – Known as Victorious Fortress in English, Druguel Dzong is located in the northern part of the valley. The Dzong houses a small village at its foot, which looks wonderful from the Druguel Dzong. The site is located about 15 km. from Paro.
  • Ta Dzong – The watchtower of yesteryear, Ta Dzong today stand as an iconic National Museum of the country. The museum houses a wonderful collection of Thangkha paintings, relics, art, and Bhutan’s postage stamps.
  • Ugyen Pelri Palace – Built in early 1900s, this palace is located in a privy wooded compound. The palace is the striking illustration of Bhutanese architecture.

Useful information for Tourists

  • Shopping – Kiras (traditional dress) and Souvenirs are best sold in Paro.
  • Accommodation – Hotel First Floor, Hotel Holiday Inn, Hotel KK, and Hotel Sonam Trophel are the popular accommodation spots here.
  • Best time to visit –October and November is best for sightseeing. Tourists who wish to attend Bhutanese festival, October and March is the best time.

While on your tour to Paro Valley, enjoy different colours of Paro and make the most of your trip.

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