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Bhutan Festival

Tsechu – Larger than Life Celebrations Commemorating Bhutan’s Luxuriant Culture and Spirituality

The blissful environment rapidly gets filled with drum and cymbal beats. Dancers clad in vivid costumes and disguised behind fascinating masks redefine liveliness as they perform the holy Cham Dances. A large congregation of local residents and tourists elatedly watch the enthralling drama that unfolds.

The description above portrays Tsechu, undoubtedly the most amusing Bhutan festival celebrated in various districts (dzongkhags) on different dates every year. Tsechu Paro festival, Punakha Tsechu, Wangdue Tsechu and Thimphu Tsechu Bhutan are among the most flamboyant celebrations during the festival. Bhutan Luxury Tour brings updated information and customized tour planning for you to be a part of the upcoming grand festivity.

Tsechu – Background and Importance

The tenth day of a Tibetan month according to the region’s lunar calendar marks the beginning of the festival which usually lasts for 3-4 days. Interestingly, the dates differ for Tsechu Thimphu festival, Tsechu Punakha festival and for other major Tsechus across the country.

Tsechu honours Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) who travelled the region during the 8th century to spread Vajrayana Buddhism. According to the popular legends, he would perform Cham Dances and other rituals to attract local people towards Buddhism. The practice turned into a magnificent festivity which continues till date as Tsechu Wangdue festival, Punakha Tsechu and celebrations at other venues.

Highlights of Tsechu

  • Engaging dances, the most popular ones being Dance of the Four Stags, Dance of the Heroes, Dance of the Stags and Hounds, The Black Hat Dance, Dance of the Terrifying Deities, Dance of the Lords of the Cremation Grounds and Dance of the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche.
  • The overwhelming environment encourages the monks to indulge into sacred dancing.
  • A Thongdrel (cloth painting) depicting Padmasambhava with his consorts and surrounded by other saints is displayed on the final day during Paro festival, Wangdue Tsechu and other Tsechus. It is believed that one view of the painting can wash off one’s sins and sorrows.
  • The Tsechu Paro festival tour, Thimphu festival tour and other similar itineraries are great opportunities to watch Bhutan residents socializing and celebrating their culture in high spirits. Markets and foods are other notable highlights of the festivity.

Popular Tsechu Venues

Tsechu Paro Festival :The beautiful Paro Dzong hosts district’s Tsechu celebrations. Invigorating folksongs and fancy costumers of the dancers can instantly draw one’s attention on Paro festival tour.Celebrated during spring, when the natural splendour of Paro valley is at its full glory, the festival can be you most popular activity in Bhutan.

Thimphu Tsechu Bhutan :Probably the most popular Bhutan festival, it attracts people from different districts and also the tourists from the international shores. Prayers and rituals that begin many days ahead of the actual festival can be attended on Thimphu Festival Tour: Apart from characteristic dances, one can also watch Atsaras (known to protect against evil forces) who perform entertaining skits on the occasion. Tashichho Dzong resting in the beautiful natural settings is the festival’s venue. Thimphu Dromchoe is another popular festival celebrated in the same week.

Punakha Tsechu :The former winter administrative hub of the country, Punakha Dzong, bustles with tourists who choose Punakha festival tour to witness the fascinating Punakha festival. Tantric dances, endless chants and cheerful faces add charm to the occasion. Punakha Drubchen festival celebrated along with Tsechu is also worth attending.

Wangdue:Celebrated at Wangdiphodrang Dzong, this Wangdue festival is popular for ornamental speeches and the Dance of the Ox. Wangdue festival tour is the opportunity to seek blessings from the holy saints and admire the region’s cultural richness.

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